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What can I do with my shed?

8 Nov

What can I do with my shed?

What can I do with my shed?

A shed will serve you as a storage room, resting place or even as an event location, depending also on its size. Yes, it is multifunctional and of great importance to have one in your home.

To make your shed feel cozy, you must also give importance to its decoration, for example, what furniture to include or what details to incorporate to make the shed a unique space within your home. The question has arisen, what can I do with my shed? Here we present you with practical ideas to answer your questions.

Ideas on what to do with the shed

If you don’t have a shed and want to build one, don’t forget that an application must be submitted to the planning services. If the permit is granted, whatever the size of your building, it must comply with the local planning regulations in order to legally build.

Make the most of your shed!

Get the most out of your shed, for you don’t know how? We will show you four ideas of what you can do with your shed and what modification you can make to it according to your interest and need.

– Furniture storage

It varies considerably in the complexity of its construction and its size, however you can adapt the objects you want to store according to the specifications of your shed. If you have large utensils inside your home, items that you only use once or twice every so often, you can take them out to the shed and save space in your living room or any room you want to vacate.

-Storage of tools

Ideal for storing the tools you use to mow the lawn, garden shears, objects that only authorized people can use and objects that you do not want to keep within reach of children inside your home, so you should lock the shed door. You will also be able to keep garden props, such as flower pots, extra soil, fertilizer for your plants and insecticides that will also have to be under protection.

Art workshop, livestock or carpentry

If your hobby is painting, working with wood or you have a farm, the shed is ideal for storing everything you can use in what you are most passionate about.

 A paint shop would be great for you if you do that, you can prepare the shed adapting it to your tools to protect them from the heat or any damage they may have in the environment.

Relaxation space

Do you want to turn your storage shed into a space for relaxation? You can do it! You can modify your shed to suit your needs, and when rebuilding it you will have to apply for a permit from your municipality if required.

When you build it with a material like wood, you want to show every detail and the textures it offers. You can leave the shed in the shape of a house or cabin, adapt windows and doors designed for a place to rest, make electrical connections and even condition it so as not to suffer from heat in the summer season.

Similarly, if you don’t want to leave it in the shape of a house, you can modify it by making it more open, decorating it with open-air masts, mini fountains or whatever comes to mind to make that place more dynamic.

 If your shed blends in with nature, you will have a place to relax just as you would have built a tree house, so you will want to spend a lot of time in it.

Check with your municipality for specific requirements and permits before building or modifying your shed. You can also contact us info@cabanoneco.caand we will provide you with information on our shed construction services.

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