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Tips for caring for your garden shed

3 Sep

Tips for caring for your garden shed

A garden shed is for storing things that you don’t use often but may need at some point. This can be food, seasonal equipment or tools. 

Some gardeners, for example, use their sheds as an extra room or work space, so they can do it more efficiently. Whatever your reason for needing a shed, there are some tips for caring for it that will help extend its useful life longer and here they are.

Protect your shed from dirt

First of all, you must take into account the material your shed is made of, as its exterior and interior cleaning will depend on it. It is not difficult to clean a shed, all you need are the right products for each type of material: wood, vinyl, aluminum, among others. 

You must take into account that although the cleaning products are effective, they should not be too aggressive with the materials. Choose quality products that have the corresponding certifications. This will not only preserve the cleanliness of any type of dirt, but will also prevent the entry of insects or the installation of mold. 

If there are trees in the vicinity of your shed, be sure to periodically check the exterior. This is to avoid the accumulation of leaves, branches or other debris that can damage the integrity of the roof (especially if it is made of wood). 

Consistently cleaning the shed will prevent you from having to make repairs in the future.

Keep moisture away from your shed. 


Second, if your shed is in a location where there is contact with water or rain, be sure to use some type of heavy-duty material. Sheds can get very wet during severe storms or very hot days. Using waterproof material on the exterior and interior of your shed makes it much easier to protect your items without having to spend extra money on waterproofing. 

You should pay special attention to this if it is a metal shed, for example, because if you do not take care of it, rust may appear and reduce its useful life.

Pay attention to small details. 


Make sure that all shelves, hooks and other items are properly maintained. This will prevent you from having to make major repairs in the future that will not only cost you time and labor, but will also have an impact on your pocketbook. 

One last tip for keeping your shed in top condition is to make sure there is nothing sharp or jagged inside or outside the shed. Objects can accidentally get stuck between the siding and the roof and cause damage as a result. Also, be sure to inspect the roof at least twice a year to make sure there are no leaks. 

Even if you don’t have a roof leak, the same principle applies. If you see any small holes, be sure to seal them so insects can’t get into your shed and cause damage. Keeping it clean and dry is the key to preserving its attractiveness and good health for years to come.

At Cabanon Eco we offer you the best sheds in the Montreal metropolitan area. 


If you have decided to incorporate a shed in your home, remember that Cabanon Eco has the best options for you. We have a wide variety of materials available, in order to provide you with the best in the market. 

Contact us for advice and a quote. Remember that our sheds are environmentally friendly, visit us! We will be glad to receive you.

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