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Prefabricated sheds

8 Nov

Prefabricated sheds

As Cabanon Eco Inc we provide you with solutions in prefabricated sheds, which will provide you with efficient storage capacity.

Custom made, our prefabricated sheds meet the specifications you need.

Are you looking for a place to store and protect your tools, have space for your workshop, have extra space for the kids to have fun?

Don’t hesitate, a shed will solve those space needs you have.

Choose among our different models, and even if you need a garage, our professional team can solve you.

All our sheds are made with firm and resistant structures, to protect what you keep in them from the different weather conditions: cold, heat, rain, dust.

In addition, they will be a durable and profitable option. As they are portable, once all the permits to install them have been managed, they will be ready in a short time.

The prefabricated sheds also have the advantage of giving an orderly and elegant appearance. And because of the variety of models, you can choose the one that best suits the architecture of your house.

Five models of prefabricated sheds you will want to have

Pentagon Shed Model

If you have a larger space in the garden you can choose this model of pentagon or pentagon deluxe.

Because of its design it will not only give you the use you need, but it will also contribute to give it a different look from the traditional four-sided one.

It can be built in the dimensions you need, you can also choose the color you prefer.

Traditional Shed Model

One of our models in prefabricated sheds is the traditional one.

You can choose it in the dimensions you need. Its storage capacity is very efficient and we can condition it to the size you want.

This is a 2 x 4 meter model, and it is covered with aspenite 7/16″. The cornices are ventilated but covered with aluminum.

You can choose the color that best suits the architecture of your home and maintain visual harmony.

You can also choose the colors of the vinyl, aluminum and tile coverings.

Its design is uncomplicated so you can place it in the space that best suits you.

Normandy shed model

The Normandin model can be made in the dimensions you need.

You can also choose the colors that suit you best.

Choose the shed that best suits you and we will make it in our workshop, then we will take it directly to your home for better comfort.

Four Window Shed Model

The four window model has the mezzanine included and can be made in the dimensions you need.

This prefabricated shed is covered with 7/16″ aspenite and its ventilated cornices are covered with aluminum.

You can choose the color that suits you best for the vinyl siding, the aluminum and the tile.

Custom Prefabricated Shed

Your shed can also be customized, according to your needs and budget.

The dimensions will be according to what you need.

As well as the color you choose and the design you prefer.

As Cabanon Eco Inc we have another diversity of models, which you can choose depending on the space you need and the budget you have.

We also build your garage. As all our sheds, we bring it to you ready to install, saving you the inconveniences of a construction.

Our purpose is to provide you with that extra space you need so much. Our prefabricated sheds are of high quality, with first class aesthetics and free of maintenance.

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