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How to make yourself shed terrebone

20 Feb

How to make yourself shed terrebone

A shed terrebone is the simple way to organize the space efficiently. Every time we have more objects, like bicycles, tools and other elements that are not for daily use.

Although there is the possibility of buying shed terrebone already prefabricated some people prefer to do it with their own hands. Keep reading so you know how to make the shed terrebone yourself.

Early shed terrebone

First, thinking about the function and the available space, you must decide what shape and size to choose for the shed terrebone. The most normal is the shape of a booth or a closet.

On the other hand, it is ideal that we fix them to the ground, in a preventive way in the face of future more “risky” situations, such as strong winds or storms. It is very important to find the correct surface, especially when the shed does not have its own soil.

When we decide to place it directly on the ground, we must choose a firm and well-leveled base.

After securing the base of the shed terrebone, we will proceed to construct the structure of the walls, which will normally be rectangular or square. In the roof area, we will place a crossbar. From it, they will strip the walls, fastening them with screws.

After this phase, we will cover the roof, preferably with a material that insulates and waterproofs, on which we will put wood. After this, we will cover the structure of the walls, placing the necessary planks.

As we said in the previous section, we should cover this with protective materials, such as varnishes.

Finally, we will place the door and the windows, of various shapes, sizes and materials. Also, remember that you can paint and decorate your taste on wood. However, on many occasions we see that the wood is left unpainted.

Organization of tools inside shed terrebone

In addition to the external appearance, we must not fail to give importance to the interior of the shed terrebone. We must seek the greatest optimization of the available space. For this, you can help you with metal or wood shelves, nails, hooks and boxes.

Try to take advantage of the highest areas of shed terrebone. Each of the tools must have its own place in the shed terrebone. An original solution, to also take advantage of the walls, is to place the tools on lattices or pallets. You just have to arrange them vertically on the wall. You can also use trolleys with wheels, with two or three floors, where to place the smallest tools, easier to lose.

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