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20 Feb

Wood shed

A wood shed is what is being used most among the sheds because it is the safest way to achieve a construction in the garden area or the terrace to store everything that we do not get space at home. Types of  wood shed Softwood shed: They are those of fast-growing trees, usually conifers, trees […]
20 Feb

Garden shed

A garden shed is key to keep all the implements that you use in this area of ​​the house, which is characterized because it requires a lot of care, the plants are good companions but also to enjoy them they need attention. For its part, a garden shed serves to store toys that almost always […]
20 Feb

Shed Montreal

A shed Montreal is one of the spaces that are most used in homes, is the way to take advantage of the construction. Generally the shed Montreal is built in outdoor areas, but can actually be anywhere in the house, such as the garden. There is no doubt that having a shed Montreal can give […]
20 Feb

How to make yourself shed terrebone

A shed terrebone is the simple way to organize the space efficiently. Every time we have more objects, like bicycles, tools and other elements that are not for daily use. Although there is the possibility of buying shed terrebone already prefabricated some people prefer to do it with their own hands. Keep reading so you […]
20 Feb

Shed laval

A shed laval is the smartest way to make space without having to dump our things or achieve a new place to meet with friends, co-workers and family. If you decide to invest in the construction of your house, you will be able to build a house that will include a variety of construction materials […]
20 Feb

Prefabricated sheds

Prefabricated sheds are very useful to achieve organization in the spaces of the house. Either because you have too many things or because you simply want to turn your home around, having a new space is an excellent added value. Deciding on the prefabricated sheds is ideal for people who do not know construction skills. […]
20 Feb

Installation cabanon

The installation cabanon does not have to be a headache at home, nor an activity that requires a lot of time, on the contrary in the 21st century the most normal thing is that it is a modification more than taking advantage of at home. But, the truth is that in most cases, if there […]
20 Feb

Shed a bois

If only it is shed a bois and already, but a wooden shed demands more work, yes, much more work than that, and do not forget that it is in the details where the difference is. A shed is a roof that protrudes from a wall to protect it from rain or shade. Also, in […]
20 Feb

Prefab sheds

The prefab sheds are a solution for those people who are looking for a new space to store things, from clothes, tools to bicycles and children’s toys. Currently, the issue of space is complex, overpopulation has meant that each time we have fewer meters to live comfortably and at the same time, has increased our […]