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5 tips for maintaining a shed

27 Feb

5 tips for maintaining a shed

A shed is very functional as it provides us with the extra space we need at home, whether we use it as a storage area in the garden or as a play area for the children.

Many homeowners do not maintain the shed properly.  However the maintenance a shed will depend on the type of building materials and the location of the shed.

Building materials for a shed include wood, vinyle, resin, etc. Wood in particular offers a beautiful finish for a long time, but over the years you will probably need to maintain it.

Now we offer five practical tips for maintaining a wood shed.


  1. Waterproof.

Water leaks can cause structural damage to the shed. It is very important that you make sure that you waterproof any leaks or cracks through which water enters. In addition, it is necessary that you do not allow the growth of fungi and mold.


  1. Painting.

The shed is exposed to sunlight, rain, wind, water, and other

wind, etc. and changes in temperature cause the wood to lose its colour. It is advisable to paint at least every three or four years with an outdoor product that protects from the sun, humidity and woodworm.


  1. Varnish.

Outdoor wood is usually not significantly damaged, but it can lose its original finish when newly constructed. Every two years you may need tu put a new coat of varnish. Before applying the varnish it is recommended to sand the wood surface, if small areas are worked, a manual sanding can be done. Remember to use face protection to protect eyes and nose from wood particles.


  1. Exterior repairs.

The exterior wood can splinter and must be sanded superficially to remove the splintered part. Then apply a suitable waterproofing product.


  1. Safety.

Sheds are not excluded from pest infestation because they are not isolated constructions. In fact, if you don’t clean for several seasons, you may find that rodents, groundhogs and other animals breed in or underneath your shed. Periodically check the corners of your shed for any signes of animals, spider webs, etc. to find evidence of pests.

If necessary, contact the exterminators to eradicate any pests.

Sheds are places that require order and cleanliness. Remember to keep your tools in order. Place them in an area properly designed for such action, such as on perforated panels. Also, don’t allow the accumulation of trash and damaged items that are no longer useful. Prevent clutter from creating an environment conducive to insects.

To make your shed easy to maintain, build it with vinyl and aluminum siding.

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The company Cabanon Eco in Mascouche specializes in building sheds with a superior design and without maintenance. Make your appointment today and you will be attended by professionals interested in providing a product built in an environmentally responsible manner.

Maintenance will provide the life of the shed to be functional for many years.

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